Future Stars: Jordan Fisher (Hollywood Records)

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With Justin Bieber and Nick Jonas blossoming into cool pop stars with quality hits, it’s a good time for male solo artists, and Disney label Hollywood Records are hoping their new signing Jordan Fisher will give those two a run for their money. If, like me, you love a teen musical you might recognise Jordan Fisher from Grease Live or Teen Beach Movie, but now he’s focused on his music career, and promoting his debut single All About Us. It’s a high quality, glossy R&B-pop track and feels like a very credible debut, compared to the half-hearted imitation-pop many Disney stars are lumbered with. Jordan himself has the talent to pull it off, with smooth vocals, dance skills and genuine pop star potential. All About Us has had a strong start on US radio with lots of early support, but sales and streams need to catch up – he’s yet to reach the iTunes or Spotify top 200 anywhere in the world. Nonetheless, I’ve got a feeling he’s one to watch. The label seem committed to giving him a fair chance, and I think he has a long career ahead of him.

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