Song of the Week: Jetta – Crescendo

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I still remember the day I received Jetta’s Start A Riot in my inbox, back in September 2012. I was so confused by what I heard. This song didn’t sound like it came from an unknown, unsigned artist, given away for free with little fanfare. Instead, it would have been an impressive new release for Emeli Sandé, Leona Lewis, or even Adele. It took several months, but eventually the song caught on with the tastemaker blogs and Jetta duly signed record deals in the UK and US. She then disappeared for about a year, and now that she’s finally releasing her proper debut single… I’m confused, but in a good way, yet again!

Crescendo is not a rousing power ballad, and neither does it have the rock sound that I heard at her showcase in October 2012. Instead, it’s a light, summery Pharrell production. It couldn’t be much further from what I was expecting, but nonetheless it’s very good. I hope that Pharrell’s current Midas Touch (I Was Gonna Cancel excluded, of course!) will make Crescendo a massive hit for Jetta.


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