Song of the Week: jens – Mixtape

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This year’s Swedish Eurovision entry is a little underwhelming compared to the great heights of recent years, but no fear – a new Scandi boy is here to fill us with Scandi joy. Mixtape is the debut single by jens, a super-uplifting love song filled with references to famous hits with Sexual Healing and Always on My Mind. So who is this mysterious jens, too lazy to capitalise the first letter of his name? I couldn’t find a website, social media profile or even a single blog post about him, so I had to do my own investigation. According to the single cover and (hideous) music video he looks likely to be teenage, and Mixtape was released via Universal. The track’s writing credits include several Scandi-sounding names, including a Jens Fredrik Solberg, who may be the fabled jens (but it’s a common name, so we can’t be totally sure). The comments on his one YouTube video are in Norwegian, so we can assume that is his country of origin. And that’s all we know for now. Enjoy!

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