Song of the Week: Janice – You Only Say You Love Me In The Dark

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My Great Escape this year was basically made up of two things: female acts from Australia, and female acts from Scandinavia. And based on the quality of said performers, I could quite happily live on this diet for the foreseeable future. Swedish singer Janice (pronounced like Denise) Kavander was one of the best vocalists I saw at the festival, and though not all her songs were equally strong, I loved her single You Only Say You Love Me In The Dark as soon as I heard it. It’s the kind of mid-tempo power ballad that Leona Lewis would have dreamed of in her heyday. Ryan Tedder hasn’t written anything as good as this in years. I immediately went to Spotify to check the credits, and discovered Janice co-wrote the track with with Andreas Söderlund (aka HYENA) and Joel Sjöö, two indie artists-turned-pop writers who have written with acts including Hello Saferide, Erik Rapp and another act responsible for one of my Songs of the Week, Robinson.

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