Future Stars: Jake Paul (Team 10)

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Jake Paul might be one of the most hated internet celebrities, but his debut music video has achieved viral success that many major music stars would envy. As of yesterday, It’s Everyday Bro had been viewed 32 million times, 12 days after its release. The 900,000 dislikes might not be so enviable, but I suspect Jake has already made more money from this video than the royalties from a typical 2017 hit single. The 20-year-old from Ohio first became famous on Vine, alongside his older brother Logan Paul (definitely not to be confused with the other Paul brothers). When the app closed, he moved his focus to YouTube, and as he boasts in It’s Everyday Bro, he gained 5 million subscribers in the first six months. The song features Team 10, the crew of bro-tactic influencers Jake is part of. He and his brother moved to LA when they got famous, and set up home with a group of fellow Viners. He created his own influencer agency to capitalise on his knowledge and success in marketing to teens. They’ve also translated their online success into opportunities in other media. Surprisingly, considering his controversial persona, Jake has a role on a Disney Channel sitcom, Bizaardvark. He’ll probably never have a chart hit, but his determination to be noticed suggests this won’t be the last we’ll see of him.

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