I’ve got a tellybox and I’m gonna use it

I’m back at my non-term time home now, and we have Sky TV, so of course the first thing I do is get onto the music channels, and it’s Saturday so I’ve got to watch all the talent shows. Here are my findings:

1. September is the most played video of the moment, it seems – amazing to see, I’m very proud.
2. I actually managed to watch 2 videos in a row on Kerrang! of all things, and have noticed that Your Love Is A Lie by Simple Plan is a mixture of Jojo and Oasis. They’re definitely 2008’s most poptastic rock band, I’m even tempted to hear their album!
3. Highlight of the evening had to be the unexpected appearance of fantastic Swedish hit Temptation by Arash on Britain’s Got Talent! I couldn’t believe my ears, and was very pleased to hear Simon say he liked the music.

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