Song of the Week: Isle of You – Skintight

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Isle of You is a Swedish pop duo made up of childhood friends Ida Johansson and Elina Danielsson. They’ve been releasing music together since 2016, including latest single Skintight, an audaciously uplifting electro-pop tune that will appeal to fans of Icona Pop and LMCDF. The track caught my attention immediately because it’s the kind of Scandi pop music that we rarely hear these days. Although it’s exciting and empowering for artists from any country to be able to use streaming platforms to reach a worldwide audience, the downside is that new music becomes more homogenous, and we miss out on tracks like this that don’t quite fit the trends. Luckily, there are still hidden gems to be found if you look a little deeper, thanks to blogs (and now playlist curators) like Popjustice and Scandipop, who have both supported Skintight.

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