International Video Challenge

Representing Sweden: Rebound! – Psycho
After their cheesy but brilliant debut single Hurricane, I was really excited about ex-Idol duo Rebound!, but their second single Not Helpless was a bit of a disappointment. It was similar in style to Hurricane but a lot weaker. It seems they’ve put much more thought into their third track, and although I’m not sure it will be the massive breakthrough hit they’re hoping for, it will at the very least win back any fans they’d lost. Psycho is a dramatic ballad, vaguely Ryan Tedder-esque with its pounding rhythm, but it manages to avoid jumping on the one word repetition bandwagon. As for the boys themselves, an odd thing has happened – once podgy Rabih has become seriously cute, while previous cutest member Eddie is not looking so great anymore. It’s quite disconcerting.

Representing the UK: Dionne Bromfield ft. Diggy Simmons – Yeah Right
As she’s Amy Winehouse’s god-daughter and signed to Amy’s Lioness label, it’s easy to assume that 14-year-old Dionne is only releasing a single at all because of her mum’s useful friendship. However, she is a very talented young girl, as her performance on Strictly when promoting her last album showed. She’s released one album of 60s covers which didn’t sell very well, but she’s been given a second chance and this time she’s releasing original songs. Yeah Right is the first single and they’ve even roped in US teen rapper Diggy Simmons to help her out. However, I’m not too convinced by the song. It’s not terrible but it’s exactly what you’d expect, a teeny version of the sound of Amy’s last album, which unfortunately means it’s all a bit 2006. Dionne has great potential but she needs to step out of Amy’s shadow in order to fulfil it.


  1. I liked Not Helpless. it wasnt a bad song but Hurrican was just a little bit better. Psycho outshines both songs. Why did you say Eddie Razaz wasnt looking so great? he looke the same to me as always

  2. I dont see how this song sounds anything like amys last Album..i feel its young up beat and cool..her last Album people kept saying shes trying to be like Amy, to me she being her self youthful and vocally shes Amazing,the right first song from her good for the soul Album,better than xfacter cher llody and as ms dionne is only 15yrs shes is great,its a same with all the rubbish music the uk”apart from a few” are bringing out, you have a young star in the making.

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