International Video Challenge

Representing Sweden: BWO – Save My Pride
My favourite band in the world are back with the first single from their third album, and it’s typical BWO brilliance, of course! The video is slightly disturbing (humans with huge animal heads) but clever and fun, as their videos usually are, and it’s at least watchable unlike the one for Sunshine In The Rain which I’m just a bit too squeamish to sit through. Martin looks as beautiful as ever, and the others look groovy too, but the video could do with a bit more variety to it perhaps. Still, great song and it’s super-exciting to have a new BWO album on its way.

Representing the Netherlands: Tiesto ft. Christian Burns – In The Dark
If that name or face seems familiar to you, don’t be surprised, because this track does in fact feature one member of BBMak! Quite a random place for him to turn up, especially since I’d heard nothing of him doing solo work until I saw this on a music channel. I’ve never been much impressed by Tiesto’s music and this does nothing to change that. I’m a fan of Eurodance but Tiesto’s songs are always really boring. I would like to see more ex-popstars appearing on random Europop singles though, so lets make it a trend please!

Representing Germany: Sasha – Lucky Day
In the late 90s I can remember hearing about but never actually hearing any music of a German singer called Sasha who was a huge star in his home country (the German Robbie, perhaps), and it turns out he’s still going and has a current hit with Lucky Day. It’s a very jolly acoustic-pop song and even has accordions! There’s nothing ground-breaking or amazingly stand-out ace here but it’s quite enjoyable anyway. The verses are a bit boring but the chorus is very catchy, especially the “SHOW me what you got” bit.

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