Important Swedish news!

1. Agnes is being launched in the UK with On and On! Even if it wasn’t the 9th best song of 2008, I would still be mega-excited to have a song written and produced by Anders Hansson and featuring Martin Rolinski on choir duties on UK television. Hopefully Radio 1 will pick up on it and she will be the new September… but I won’t count on them being that sensible, and unfortunately if they aren’t I can’t see her getting anywhere. Nonetheless, it’s nice that the song is getting something of a chance.

2. Much more importantly, Melodifestivalen begins this Saturday!!! As I have already said a zillion times, this year is looking to be utterly amazing with an absolute dream line-up, so you must get over to on Saturday to watch the show, or at least listen to the songs. You know I won’t be talking about much else in the weeks to come!

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