If I Wasn’t A Celebrity…

In the style of Heat’s celebrity spotting section, here are some sightings I have made of decidedly un-famous ex-residents of Planet Pop trying to find their way back to the top spots they never really had…

Jamie Tinkler (ex-member of Pop! who also entered Pop Idol 2003 and Song For Europe 2002) spotted as part of boyband Avenue singing Leave Right Now on the X Factor, and sailing through to boot camp but it seems Jamie and pals are back to square one after being disqualified for already having a management deal and Jamie having already been signed to SonyBMG, the company which signs X Factor winners.

Was that the drummer from the Faders drumming for everyone’s new pop obsession Mika at a recent London gig? The video has now been removed from YouTube for copywright reasons… or maybe this is just a cover-up cos they don’t want anyone to know that a girlband member can genuinely play an instrument!

If you’ve made any non-celebrity spottings, e-mail them in to me at poptasticuk@hotmail.com and I will post the best ones up here.

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