Song of the Week: Hunter Hayes ft. Lady Antebellum – Where It All Begins

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Where It All Begins is an uplifting country-pop anthem by two of the current heavyweights of the country scene, young male artist Hunter Hayes and popular trio Lady Antebellum. Hunter is trying out a new approach to his release strategy, described by Billboard as “country's biggest digital experiment to date.” He is putting out a series of digital-only single releases with no date or title announced for his next album. The pleasant-but-predictable lead single 21 has been a small hit, and his fanbase remains strong in the US and even Europe, but nothing Hunter has released in the past few years has come close to the success of his 3 million-selling US Country chart no.1 single Wanted in 2012. A strong, radio-friendly collaboration with a big name like Lady Antebellum could be the big comeback hit he needs, so I hope it doesn’t get lost in an attempt to adapt to the new digital era and still gets a proper single promo campaign.


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