Holland has the X Factor – Week 1

Part 4: The Groups

BadBoyz: I was prepared for horrendousness as soon as I heard there was a duo called BadBoyz in the top 12, possibly even a John & Edward-esque novelty act, but they’re actually the most entertaining act I’ve seen so far. They are cheese-tastic, but at least they’re more fun to watch than the completely forgettable contestants in the other categories. They’d be better off singing R&B (as they did at first) and positioning themselves as a cheap JLS instead of amping up the cheese with Wham covers, though. From the song choice (and his ugliness), I’m guessing their mentor Gordon is the Dutch Louis Walsh. I hate him already. Fun BadBoyz fact: One of them is actually called Boy! I can’t decide if it’s stupid or amazing (possibly both).


It was a double elimination in week 1, so as well as Fake Fierce, Janna went home. It really could have been anyone, though. Overall I am not very impressed. I don’t care at all who wins. I will probably carry on following the series, but the chances of any of these acts ever doing anything exciting is extremely slim. I’m afraid to say I think the Netherlands’ poptasticness may be a lost cause. However, if anyone can prove me wrong with a brilliant new Dutch pop act, please do leave a link in the comments…


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