Hidden Gems Week – Day 5

Today’s Hidden Gem is…

Who The Hell Are You?

They are Lillix, a girl rock group from America. L-R: Kim, Lacey-Lee, Louise and Tasha-Ray. You may know their cover of The Romantics’ hit What I Like About You as the theme tune to the US kid’s TV show of the same name. They also sing the theme tune to MTV’s reality series Rich Girls, but those songs aren’t on the album. They are signed to Madonna’s label, Maverick, alongside Alanis Morisette and Michelle Branch and their debut single, It’s About Fun, despite being a little Avril-esque and nowhere near their usual standard. They also have an album out, Falling Uphill, which I own and love. Highlights for me include Quicksand, Tomorrow and Fork In The Road. Lillix have released 2 more singles (What I Like About You and Tomorrow) in America but so far nothing in the UK.

Why Are They A Hidden Gem?

Not many people know about Lillix in the UK yet but those who do love them. At first I was against them because they appeared to be cashing in on the rock chick trends, having a member that looked like Avril, another like Michelle Branch and so on. But when you look past their first dodgy single they are a really cool band.

What Is Their Music Like?

A mix of Michelle Branch, Sugababes, even a little No Doubt. They do in fact have quite an edgy unusual sound. Rock chick at it’s very best (and coolest).

Where Are They Now?

The 3rd single, Tomorrow is out now in the US but there don’t seem to be any plans to release in the Uk as yet. Fingers crossed they will pop over at least some time this year.

I Want To Know More!

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