Future Stars: Hare Squead (Columbia)

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The Irish had a strong showing at Eurosonic, thanks to acts such as Áine Cahill and Brian Deady, but one group you’d never guess were from Dublin, until you heard their accents, is Hare Squead. The strangely-named trio (it’s a spoonerism of “Square Head”, so Squead is pronounced “Skwed”) are a lively, funny bunch who bounce around the stage, rapping and singing to dance beats. Rather than imitating their British neighbours, and despite being signed to Columbia UK, Hare Squead have gone for a much more American style. Their characterful performance and witty lyrics could be compared to Rae Sremmurd, Outkast and Odd Future, while the influence of 90s rock creeps through on some tracks. Living outside of the current rap scenes enables Hare Squead to pick what they like and create a new sound. Now their challenge is to be embraced by the hip hop community, which is tricky when you don’t belong anywhere.


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