The 5th Most Poptastic Single of 2016: Grimes – Kill V. Maim

Released: 19th January
Writers: Grimes
Trivia: Grimes’ album Art Angels was a last-minute discovery of 2015 for me, so I’m glad she released my (and her) favourite track as a single this year so I can include it here. Kill V. Maim recently got a new lease of life for me when I listened to Grimes’ edition of the fascinating Song Exploder podcast, where she explains the construction of the track, and the inspiration behind the lyrics. Finally the line “I’m only a man” makes sense! I’ll leave you to listen here to find out why.
Best bits: 1. You gave up being good when you declared a state of waaaahhhrrr!
2. B-E-H-A-V-E, arrest us
3. Cos I’m only a man, do what I can

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