Future Pop: Stars of 2017

It’s that time of year again: All the tastemaker music brands are releasing their lists of the most promising new artists for 2017, and I’m scouring them for any sign of a pop star; any hint of a catchy melody; any glimmer of hope. While VEVO’s Dscvr Ones To Watch  has a few  pop acts in the mix, the BBC  Sound of 2017 longlist is duller than ever (save for a few promising urban acts), and the Brits Critics Choice panel had to reach for artists who  have been hanging around the major labels for years to find even three suitable candidates.

But surely, the situation is not really that dire for pop music? There must be someone who can bring out some bangers to cheer us up after the miseries of 2016. Even a belt-along ballad would do. So, I’m making it my mission to search out the stars that can save 2017.

Over the next two weeks, I’ll be featuring 10 pop acts  who are gunning for mainstream success. Some are my personal favourites, while others are simply my predictions for future stardom. And then, when all the acts have been introduced, it’ll be over to you to vote for who you think, and who you hope, will be the biggest pop breakthrough of 2017. Last year  you appropriately selected Troye Sivan and Zara Larsson, so I have faith in you to choose wisely this time too!

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