Song of the Week: Foxes – Glorious

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When I first wrote about Foxes, I would have loved to hear her album, but gradually over 2 and a half years, my interest was eradicated. Following Clarity’s huge success, it felt like the edges were being rounded off: the inventive, ethereal artist was replaced with a confusing kind of Britney-Florence hybrid. As Foxes’ identity was washed away, her music became increasingly bland and generic. As such, it took me about a month to listen to Foxes’ album. As expected, at least half of it could be merged into one song to save time and megabytes. But there are also some reminders of the Foxes I once raved about.

Glorious, the title track and new single, would have been a great follow-up to Clarity. It’s dark and interesting, but still has a strong melody that would appeal to a broad audience. It feels honest and unaffected, which is vital for an artist who is not supposed to be “manufactured.” It builds beautifully to an emotional, powerful crescendo. Let’s hope that this will be Foxes’ biggest hit, and will dictate the direction of her next album.


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