Forget the real Melodifestivalen

Linda Bengtzing and Markoolio’s parody version is the only one that includes BWO, Alcazar and Carola! Well, sort off…. click here (then go to Nyheter and Musikvideor) to see it. As I’m learning Swedish at the moment, in preparation for my planned study at Goteborg university this Autumn, I decided to translate the lyrics of the first verse and chorus so here they are for you now in English:

It begins well, almost interesting
Yes, yes, but maybe slightly too familiar
We build up to the bridge, my friend
But it is not time yet
Because we have about half a verse left to go
One rehearsal as people tend to do
We build the bridge again
And here it comes at last
Excitement rises as we face the crescendo
And now it’s time for the chorus

And it is love and it is wind
It is eyes and they sparkle
And many other tired old clichés
Which say everything and nothing
And it is stars and it burns
It is the world and it is missing
And the title will act like a punch to the stomach
It is the worst schlager song

And so it goes on and on and on…

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