First Listen: Rachel, Bananarama & Ben Adams

Here’s a brand new feature I’ve come up with where I listen to new pop songs and tell you what I think. How original!

Rachel Stevens – So Good
“So good” is not strong enough praise for this song. It’s amazing! It has a very full sound and there are no boring bits. It’s simply non-stop brilliance. It may not be quite as excitingly original as Sweet Dreams was, but the quality of this song is absolutely top notch, with Rachel showing some personality at last. If you liked Some Girls and Negotiate With Love, you’ll definitely like this. I really can’t wait for the album now, it’s going to be amazing!

Bananarama – Move In My Direction
This is fabulous! Very sassy and up-to-date without sounding at all desperate, which old-skool pop stars making a comeback can often be. It’s nice to see they haven’t lost any of their aceness and I hope this does well, although it is a bit too background music-y for huge success, I think.

Bananarama – Love Bite
This isn’t the single (Move In My Direction is) but I like it more. I don’t know if it would work as well on the radio but I think either of the Minogues or Rachel Stevens would be very happy to record this.

Ben Adams – Destination Rendezvous
This is a lot like Sorry in style, although a bit more of a Cry Me A River wannabe. I’m not sure if it’s better than Sorry or even not as good. It’s quite hard to say.

Ben Adams – I Don’t Wanna Stay
Here’s Ben’s big ballad, and rather good it is too. The Darren Hayes-esque high bits are the highlight. It’s not the most amazing thing ever and I wouldn’t advise him to release it as a single, but it’s nice and gets better as it goes along.

Ben Adams – Get Off My Girl (Feat. Har Mar Superstar)
This is fun and highlarious as we’ve come to expect from anything involving Har Mar, but it has one big problem – it sounds just like Abs! It is really good though and would be the best choice for his next single, I think.

Ben Adams – Don’t Tread On My Toes
This is interesting! Ben seems to be rapping! He really has turned into Abs. It’s great fun though. The chorus is a bit harsh sounding, but good enough for an album track.

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