First Listen: Daniel Powter – Daniel Powter

Daniel Powter is a Canadian singer who now lives in California but got his big break in France where he’s quite a star and never off the radio. He’s not particularly pretty but neither is Gavin Degraw and I still *heart* him. His single, Bad Day, is out in the UK soon and already a hit in Europe, and he has an album out this summer, which I am listening to for the first time today.

You can listen to this album yourself here.

1. Song 6
How odd to call a song Song 6 and not make in track 6 on the album. It sounds like something Gavin Degraw would do, most along the lines of Chariot, mixed with Christian Walz. A really nice relaxing summery song. 7/10

2. Fruit Free Loop
This is a great mid-tempo song. I can’t help but sway to it and I can imagine with more listens I will be singing along. I just need to work out what on Earth he is singing first! 8/10

3. Bad Day
This is Daniel’s current hit single. It’s quite catchy but very unoriginal. You would never guess from this how high-pitched he usually sings. The video is worth seeing if you’re a fan of The OC as Samaire Armstrong who played Anna is in it. 7/10

4. Suspect
Daniel goes rock. It’s a bit horrible. 4/10

5. Lie To Me
Back to Christian Walz style, yay! It has piano and dramatic drums. The chorus is quite rocky, a little like Rooster on helium. 6/10

6. Jimmy Gets High
A slow song that starts off very basically, has a really nice, classic-sounding chorus with lovely violins. It may be improved with less of a stark contrast between the high and normal-pitch parts, but it works better the more you hear. 8/10

7. Styrofoam
What a weird song title! The song is a bit indie, strangely. I do like the rhythm of it, but it doesn’t have much of a hook. 6/10

8. Hollywood
This is very Gavin Degraw. It manages to be quite positive but quite moody-sounding at the same time. The bridge is the best bit. 7/10

9. Lost On The Stoop
It’s David Sneddon! That boy turns up everywhere. It really does sound like some of the darker songs on the Snedders album. 7/10

10. Give Me Life
Not really special but I like the bubbly sound of the bridge, for some reason! He could do with something a bit more exciting to end with, although it does sound a bit like Maroon 5 which is of course a plus. Daniel Powter is Maroon 5 on a Bad Day! 6/10

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