Eurovision: my thoughts on the final

So… Eurovision is over for another year! I enjoyed the show very much, having loads of favourites (and most of them did well), but I must say the result is a bit saddening. I love Dima Bilan for his 3 amazing pop songs, Never Let You Go, Lady Flame and It’s Not That Simple, but Believe is only half as good as each of them, if that. Also, although in other years I have thought that the voting was politically influenced, the winner was always at least arguably the best song, but since I’ve not come across one person who said Believe was their favourite, I don’t think it’s arguable in this case, especially with such strong competition as Ukraine, Greece and Armenia hot on his heels. In fact, I loved the rest of the top 4, and would have been very happy for any of them to win, even though they are also part of the ‘Eastern Bloc’. It is already decided that someone from the East will win, so there’s no point in complaining about that – I just want it to be the best song from the East, and this wasn’t it.

If Dima had won without having been universally heralded as the political winner prior to the contest, or with a song that at least some people thought was the best this year, I would have been content. As it stands I’m a bit sad, and that is a shame because I am supposed to be a Dima fan. Oh well, I’ll just go and listen to Lady Flame and be pleased that its singer finally got some recognition. The other sad thing is that I would rather like to go to Russia, but I can’t go to Eurovision next year because I’ll be finishing my degree at that time. I’ll have to hope someone fun (or at least safe) wins next year, then I can get a nice holiday and finally attend Eurovision.

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