Erm… oops?

I just love the first line where it sounds so much like Siobhan Donaghy and Delta Goodrem, and the repeaty bit at the end, “Keep bleeding, I keep keep bleeding love” over ridiculous wails from Leona. I have also thought up an utterly brilliant video for it, inspired by my current gothic novel course…

It’s set in a gothic castle in the 16th century, with Leona playing a recently bereaved wife. She roams the castle, distraught, sees the ghost of her husband and follows him but he always disappears. She has flashbacks to the night he was killed, when they were travelling home through a storm and were stopped by outlaws. Finding no money, they decide they will take Leona instead, and her husband dies in her defence. She wails a bit more. The end! Perhaps I’ve just been reading too many mysteries of Udolpho, but I do think this would be great, and there is something very gothic about power ballads (Total Eclipse! It’s All Coming Back!), so it’s perfect!

Now I know I’m going to be really upset when I see the video and it’s just Leona lamenting in a fancy hotel room or something equally dull. Gothic castle! Please!

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