Song of the Week: Elohim – Sensations

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I wouldn’t normally choose a Song of the Week by an artist I’d already featured a few months earlier, but this choice seems fair because Sensations is even better than Elohim’s previous peak, The Bridge and the Wall. Elohim fits into the category of ‘Soundcloud girls’ – well known to a certain set of bloggers and music geeks, yet entirely anonymous on a grander scale. But while most of her contemporaries in this crowd make half-hearted attempts at being poptastic while still trying to retain their cool cred, Elohim has managed to balance the two aims much more naturally, and the result is some high quality indie-pop which feels current yet somehow equally out of place in 2016. I wish she’d get over the face-hiding gimmick though… it wasn’t that interesting when Daft Punk did it, let alone Sia. Just post a selfie and get on with making good music – that’s my advice!

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