The 10th Most Poptastic Single of 2017: E^ST – Life Goes On


Released: 28th September
Writers: Jim Eliot, E^ST
Trivia: I loved this song when it was first released without paying much attention to the lyrics, but listening back to it while compiling this list, I was struck by the sentiment.  E^ST sings  that  sometimes relationships that “weren’t a big deal” leave more of an impression than  people might expect. This isn’t a tribute to the great loves, but the minor ones that  are still memorable and meaningful.
Best bits: 1.  I should let go, but I think of you more than you know
2.  Momentary… temporary, transient… impermanent, fugitive… short-lived, fleeting
3.  There was something great about you, something that’ll never be the same without you

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