Space Cowboy – That’s What Dreams Are Made Of
His video for My Egyptian Lover featuring Nadia Oh is all over the UK music channels at the moment, but the video is nothing like as good as this one for his previous release, again featuring Nadia but with vocals from Space Cowboy himself (Parisian producer & Fatboy Slim protegée, Nick Dresti) as well. I recommend watching all his videos actually – they are so visually pleasing in their bright colours and stylish clothes. It’s a feast for the eyes, a visual sugar rush, and if you’re into Daft Punk and USE, check out my fave of his songs, Across The Sky, cos your ears will be just as excited.

Mint Royale featuring Lauren Laverne – Don’t Falter
If any song proves you don’t need a big studio production to make something spectacular, this is it. There’s nothing extraordinary about this song, but its delicate cuteness teamed with Lauren’s endearing quirkiness and the intelligent simplicity and honesty of the lyrics mean that it is treasured by many a discerning pop fan. Her presenting career seems to be going the same ways as her music (loved by those who care, ignored by the rest), but at least she’s still around.

Lilyjets – Perfect Picture (It Would Be Better)
I was a bit disappointed with this single, the band’s 4th and most recent (although it’s been around a few months now), when I first heard it because it doesn’t have the instant punch of their acetastic Max Martin-style rock-pop singles Going Blind and Crave. However, after giving their album, 3rd Floor, a few listens, it really grew on me and is now one of my favourite tracks. It’s a slow song, but still kind of hooky, and when you get used to the girls’ kind of unusual singing voices they make it something different and special.

Girl Thing – Girls On Top
I have no particular reason for posting this except I found the video and remembered how much I liked it. There was nothing at all new or innovative about this when it was released and it didn’t try to be anything but a total cheesefest. It succeeded magnificently, and was much better (in my opinion at least) than the group’s first single, Last One Standing, even if it did even worse in the charts and led to their demise – well, that and Hear’say stealing their next single!

Long Blondes – Giddy Stratospheres
I’ve only just learnt that this song isn’t actually called Give Me Stratospheres, but better late than never I guess. I’m still not sure how much I like the Long Blondes, but I do find them interesting and impressively successful at not sounding like they’re from Sheffield at all! This single has been released before on two different indie labels, but will be out again in early 2007 as the 3rd single released from their Rough Trade album Someone To Drive You Home.

Now, the DP top 5…

5. Justin Timberlake – My Love
4. Girls Aloud – I Think We’re Alone Now
3. Mika – Grace Kelly
2. Nelly Furtado – All Good Things

and at no.1:

Jamelia – Beware Of The Dog
I love her album, this is a great song, what more is there to say? A deserved win!

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