Eline de Munck – Footprints in the Sand
Here’s a new rock-pop female singer who is having great success with her debut single in Belgium at the moment. She appeared on the Belgian version of Soapstar Superstar, Steracteur Sterartiest, and although she only came third it obviously led to a record deal. I’ve found out why she only came third, though: the winner was a star of musicals anyway, and the runner-up sang Rood by Marco Borsato in the last show. How can you beat that? She’s a bit like Anouk (and even sang Michel on the show) but much more girly-sounding, yet her performances on Steracteur Sterartiest are of things like Toxic and Umbrella, definitely not the usual rock chick choices, although her Umbrella is quite guitarry and definitely worth a listen.

Gotye – Learnalilgivinanlovin (live)
I noticed that this brilliant Australian soul-pop song is soon to be released as a single in the UK, so I’m posting this video of Gotye (aka ) performing it live on a TV show. It’s impressive since he is playing the drums while he sings, and his voice is definitely not what you’d expect from an Australian. I actually thought it was a session singer! I don’t know if there is any purpose in the title being condensed and misspelt other than to make it difficult to remember how to write it, but he’s certainly achieved that one. I could see this doing really well, what with the success of acts like Gnarls Barkley and Mark Ronson’s 60s style, but I haven’t heard any other Gotye song either anything like this, or anything like as good, so he’ll probably end up a one hit wonder if he is successful.

Revelation – Rule The World
It’s a bit old news now since it was a week ago when they performed it, but I have to show you this video to prove the point that Last Choir Standing is a brilliant TV show! I wouldn’t normally have watched it, but I was looking for something to fill a Saturday evening, and I soon found myself hooked. They don’t just sing typical choir songs, but lots of modern pop as well, which the Scala Choir and others have shown previously can work fantastically. I always thought Rule The World was a good song, but being sung by a choir it seems really powerful, and the lead singer gets into it so much, which is great to see. I love this show because it’s so positive, and it’s not about furthering individuals careers like other talent shows, but instead celebrating the talents of ordinary people, who are working together to make something which can be just magical.

Doe Deere – Love Me, Loathe Me, Download Me!
I already knew Doe Deere was one of the coolest new acts in pop at the moment, but this definitely seals the deal. I won’t spoil it by saying the content, but I would like to compliment Doe on her fabulous antlers! I highly recommend that you go to her MySpace, and listen to tracks like One Touch and Mona Lisa. Anyone who likes Annie and Sophie Ellis-Bextor will love Doe Deere, and anyone else has bad taste anyway and doesn’t deserve her! Her music is comparable to the more poppy side of Italo-pop, which is supposed to be having a revival soon, so hopefully that will come about and Doe Deere will be all the rage.

September – We Can Do It
Even now September is famous in the UK (anyone heard what she’s releasing next, by the way?), the three supremely excellent singles from her debut album will still never get the recognition they deserve. They don’t appear on Petra’s international album, because they were released when she was signed to a different label in Sweden. We Can Do It and September All Over are more dancey, while Never Give It Up is a bit more pop, but I’ve chosen to post We Can Do It because I think it’s up there with Automatic by Elize as one of my favourite ever dance tracks. You may recognise that it’s a cover of Take Your Time (Do It Right) by the SOS Band, and if you like this version you should also hear the ace (but a bit more typical dancey and a lot more porny) Do It 2Nite by Rockefeller.

And now for this week’s top 5…

5. The Ting Tings – Shut Up And Let Me Go
4. Jordin Sparks Ft Chris Brown – No Air
3. Rihanna – Disturbia
2. Alphabeat – Boyfriend

and at number one this week:

Kylie Minogue – The One
Saturdays fans may be a bit confused at this, because they did in fact get the most votes in the poll this week, but I was looking at the pages that link to me the other day, and discovered them confessing to cheating with the poll on the Saturdays forum! Therefore, they are disqualified. Goodbye, Saturdays, but thank you Saturdays fans for all the blog traffic! As we have established, The One doesn’t have a video, so here instead is the Kylie classic, Your Disco Needs You. I chose it because it’s gay pride in Brighton this week, and one float made great use of this song, and also it wasn’t a single in the UK so you may not have seen the video before. Plus, it is the only song I know that uses “you’re useless at scrabble” as an insult!

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