I’ve had enough of mourning the loss of good pop TV on Saturday mornings – I’m going to do something about it! Since I’m neither a model or a man who “looks a bit indie”, it doesn’t seem like I’m gonna be getting my own TV show any time soon, so I’ll have to make do with YouTube. So, welcome to the first ever episode of DP:UK!


First up we have the new video from Nelly Furtado, who is now proclaiming that she’s a “maneater” and (in America, at least) a “promiscuous girl”. I’m not sure her baby daughter Nevis will feel too happy about that, but so far this new image seems to be going well for Miss Furtado, with her new album seeming to be eagerly awaited. Nelly has flirted with hip-hop styles before, for example working with Missy Elliot and Timbaland, but this album is definitely a step in a cooler direction from her last album. I actually loved Folklore, much preferring it to Whoa, Nelly!, so hopefully the improvement will continue on Loose, which is out on the 20th of June.

Next up is an interview Girls Aloud did on their slightly ill-fated recent trip to Australia. We’ve all seen a zillion GA interviews before, but I found it interesting to see what they were asked in a country which doesn’t know them as the Popstars winners, just as a brand new girl band, but sadly this seemed to be a disadvantage instead of an advantage as you might have expected. Still, the less popular they are in other countries the more time they can spend creating ace new pop songs to be released here!

The second new video this week is by the other top UK girl group, the Sugababes. I have to say I’m a bit underwhelmed by this track, which is certainly one of their weaker single releases, but I think the video is quite nice. It’s still weird seeing Amelle instead of Mutya, though, and is it just me or is she starting to look a bit like her here?

The next video is not new but an old favourite of mine from German duo Band Ohne Namen, or B.O.N as they called themselves when they released this single in the UK in 2000. The single may not have made much impact on the charts but I’m sure anyone who saw the video will not have forgotten it, and the song itself was pure cheeky boyband brilliance. Hamsters, nuns and the most pointless band member of all time hiding in a closet. What more could you want from a pop video?

Patrick Wolf is a singer I haven’t written much about on Dirrrty Pop because I only really like one of his songs (Tristan), but I still think he’s totally ace as a person, so here is a montage of singing and talking that I found on YouTube. Pretend this is like the bit on CD:UK when they go on tour with someone, except it never was or would be Patrick Wolf.

Now for the most important bit of all, and the revelation of why I was asking you to vote for your favourite current single last week. Here is the first ever DP:UK Top 5!

5. Cardigans – Don’t Blame Your Daughter – 6%
4. Infernal – From Paris To Berlin – 7%
3. Will Young – Who Am I – 9%
2. BWO – Temple Of Love – 14%

And at no.1 with a huge 22% of the votes is…

Rihanna – S.O.S (Rescue Me)

So to play you out is the American version of the S.O.S video. Hope you like it and see you next time on DP:UK!

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