DP Review: Margaret Berger – Pretty Scary Silver Fairy

Robyn, Annie, Bertine Zetlitz, Kylie, Girls Aloud, Madonna, Rachel Stevens, Marie Serneholt, Sugababes. A fairly comprehensive list of the best female acts of this century, and Margaret’s music not only sounds like all of them but this album could be a compilation of their very best recordings and biggest hits. Few people have paid Margaret much attention so far, but even if it means I have to mention her every day for the next decade, this wrong will have to be righted because this album is absolutely fantastic. With consistent quality, a distinctive style and an overwhelming ‘feel-good’ effect, this could easily be a substitute for the new album we were told to expect from Robyn this year, and it’s the album Chewing Gum suggested Annie could make if she tried hard enough and ignored the temptations to be cool.

Now for a quick track-by-track review:

Silver Fairy
The sort-of title track mixes dark ethnic beats with floaty, eerie sounds and mantra-like vocals.

Seek I’ll Hide
Squelchy Annie-style electro with sassy yet very catchy lyrics, building up to be more poptastic as the song develops.

Will You Remember Me Tomorrow
Ridiculously uplifting girly pop masterpiece which you will remember the words to for the rest of your life, not just tomorrow. (Download)

The hit single I’ve been loving since July, superior to everything the mainstream female singers have made in 2006. (Video)

I’m Gonna Stay After Summer
This song makes me think Sia should ask Outkast to produce her next CD, cos it’s a brilliant combination of their styles.

Get Physical
A more conventional electro-pop track, which would have fit well on Richard X’s X Factor album.

A bit Lily Allen, but the super-sweet Norwegian version – an absolutely lovely song, also somewhat Sugababes-y.

Robot Song
Could be the sequel to Robyn’s Robot Boy in style and content, a likely future single for Margaret I think.

Pretty Things In Life
A fun yet slightly dark party track, with a catchy 80s pop slant, although the chorus reminds me strangely of Liberty X!

Have You Never Ever
Sophisticated atmospheric electro Madonna would be proud of, a definite grower – think Royksopp’s poppier moments.

Now go here to buy your own copy.

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