DP Review: Lily Allen – It’s Not Me It’s You

Lily has been seen pretty negatively since her initial period of success, and I’ve never been quite sure why. Yes, she is outspoken but I don’t see what’s wrong with that. I much prefer popstars with something to say for themselves to wimpy, repressed female singers like Leona Lewis. Lily’s personality shows through in her lyrics and lifts what could be simply light, fluffy pop songs into unique, witty songs which represent our generation. Here’s my brief track-by-track first impressions of her new album, which you can listen to in full on MySpace.

Everyone’s At It
A new version of a song that’s been around for a while. A great opener to the album. The subject is drugs, both recreational and prescription. Lily is frank as ever, but remembers to be poptastic at the same time.

The Fear
The one we all know. I was pleased to see its chart success – so far this year there have been no bad no.1s, which is fantastic.

Not Fair
Quite a rude one here as Lily complains about a boy who is not very generous in the bedroom. Gets quite country in parts. Love the jolly vibe although it’s an odd counterpoint to the lyrics.

This catchy tune’s protagonist is not 22 but actually 30, and considered ‘past it’. It’s somewhat depressing but has a happy ending, which Lily is surprised by.

I Could Say
One of the first songs she posted on MySpace from this album, and a lovely song it is too. I can see this doing well if it’s the next single.

Back To The Start
This has a very fast chorus and will probably lend itself well to being remixed. It’s not as catchy as the other songs, but enjoyable enough.

Never Gonna Happen
This one also doesn’t chime with me as much as most of Lily’s songs do. The accordion sounds are fun but the hook isn’t very hooky.

Fuck You
Lily doesn’t bother to hide her swear words in acronyms like Britney, but she doesn’t need to as she’s never pretended to be sweet and innocent. This is a fun song but wouldn’t stand out without the expletives.

Who’d Have Known
A cute mid-tempo love song that even Lily admits is a rip-off of Shine by Take That, and it also makes me think of Better In Time by Leona. It’s sweet but a bit ploddy.

Similar in sound to The Fear, and I like the electro sounds in the background. Popstars are always saying ‘I’m just normal, really’, but with Lily it seems genuine. I do worry about the amount of Chinese takeaways she gets though – about 10 just in this one song!

This is actually about Him i.e. God, and Lily’s contemplations about politics and life today, which are amusing and sometimes quite poignant. I’m not so sure God would be a fan of Creedence Clearwater Revival, though: If he is really omniscient he would know that BWO and Alphabeat are the best!

He Wasn’t There
A short, sweet ending to the album, which I thought was going to be a rant at her Chemical Brother ex, but it turns out to be about her dad, the Sheriff of Nottingham.

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