Future Stars: Dorothy

Taken from this week’s Future Pop mailer. Click here to subscribe.

If Radio 1 is going to insist on playing rock music until the new generation of listeners get Stockholm Syndrome and start buying it, they should at least get some fierce female-fronted rock on the playlist. I propose the new Los Angeles band Dorothy is the first addition. The three songs they’ve uploaded to Soundcloud so far are all strong, dark and wild yet carefully constructed and catchy, like Beth Ditto fronting The White Stripes. I particularly like their latest track Wicked Ones, appropriately premiered just before Halloween. Dorothy are named after their lead singer Dorothy Martin, who proves in their simple, close-up After Midnight video that she’s ready to take on the rock star role. See you at their next London gig! (where I will be standing at the back to avoid "moshing," obviously)


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