Sponsored Post: Introducing Don Jarvis and Fivestar Beats

Donovan Jarvis is a 22-year-old music producer on the rise based in Atlanta, Georgia. Although the city is known for its hip hop, Donovan also has experience in pop, R&B, rock and electro, with influences ranging from RedOne to Coldplay. His music has been featured on US TV channels MTV, ABC and Fox among others.

Donovan had a very musical upbringing, as his father was a music producer and band director, and he joined his first band age 10 as a trumpet player. Two years later he started producing music on his computer, and when it came to picking a career as an adult it was an easy choice. For an example of his work, check out his recent reworking of Figure 8 from Ellie Goulding’s new album here.

One of Donovan’s proudest moments was being featured as a top producer on Prime Beats, one of the UK’s most popular music production websites. He has also set up his own website Fivestar Beats where he sells custom beats. He has a team of songwriters who can write hooks or full songs, and assist with vocal arrangements. He also uses the site to promote artists who he thinks are the future stars of the music industry.

You can find out more and contact Donovan via his website where he has beats for sale, or follow him on Twitter @DonJarvisMusic.

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