Future Stars: DMA’s (Infectious)

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In another desperate attempt to inflict the music of their youth onto the teens of today, Radio 1 deemed the new single by Britpop wannabes DMA’s worthy of a place on the A List. Luckily, they were swiftly sent back to Radio X and Absolute, where they belong. The trio seem like a fairly authentic imitation of Britpop until you discover they’re actually from Sydney. Yes, that’s Sydney, Australia. Their sole aim is apparently to be known as the “Australian Oasis,” and they’ve surprisingly nailed the Manchester drawl. They’ve also got Mark “Spike” Stent – best known for his work with B*Witched and S Club 7, but apparently he also produced Oasis – to mix their album. The group first attracted attention with the track Delete in 2014, and signed deals with indie labels Infectious (UK) and Mom + Pop (US). They recently re-released the song with a new video ahead of their debut album Hills End (so that’s where the misplaced apostrophe in their name came from!), which came out last Friday and is currently on track for a top 40 UK debut after peaking at no. 5 on iTunes.


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