Dirrrty Pop Review: V – You Stood Up

I didn’t even realise V’s album was out this week until I saw an advert for it last weekend, so I got all excited and planned to do a double spend on the V and the Aloud. I’ve already reviewed WWTNS so now it’s V’s turn…

1. Blood, Sweat & Tears

Their 5ive-esque debut sets off the album as everything that’s good

about boybands, which is a pretty good summary of the whole. 7/10

2. Hold Me

Very catchy mid-tempo love song with acoustic guitars. A big grower for me. 7/10

3. You Stood Up

I still think this is absolutely gorgeous and the perfect boyband ballad. The video definitely didn’t so it justice and it should been Xmas no.1, not a mid-November flop. Grr! 10/10

4. Walk On

This appears to be written by Lemar, which was a suprise, especially as it doesn’t really sound like his style. Perhaps that’s why V ended up with it. Sounds more like early Blue actually. 6.5/10

5. Stop The Tears

2nd ballad of the album and a really nice, sad one. 8/10

6. Hip To Hip

The happiest, funnest song of the summer! I can’t fail to smile when it comes on. Should have been no.1 forever! 10/10

7. Can You Feel It

Not the best cover version in the world but it works well for V and carries on the smiley summer vibe of Hip To Hip. It served it’s purpose in getting them noticed even if they were fighting an impossible battle. 6/10

8. Chills In The Evening

Now we come to the song that awoke me to the charms of V in the first place, which is ironic since it’s a duet with McFly. But! Only the good ones in McFly and the combination of a softened McFly and a toughened V is incredibly lovely. This should have been a single, maybe instead of B,S&T although I guess it wouldn’t have been a great career move for McFly to duet with an unknown band for a single. 10/10

9. Angel

Upbeat with a great chorus lead-in (“I’m a fool, I’m a fool, I’m a fool!”) and the chorus itself is pretty ace too. It’s 1 of the 3 fabulous Xenomania tracks, alongside Hip To Hip and Fools. 9/10

10. Breakaway

I heard this first about 6 months ago on the album-sampler with You Stood Up, but this version sounds like a stripped-down demo which is disappointing. Much preferred the original Breakaway, but it’s still quite good in an acousticy way. 7.5/10

11. Fools

One of my favourites of the new tracks. So catchy with the jangly guitars of Hip To Hip and I’ve been singing it all week. So cheery poppy boyband yay! 9.5/10

12. Earth, Wind & Fire

Basically Blood, Sweat & Tears part 2. It’s the same song with different lyrics! Did they think we wouldn’t notice? Very weird. But it’s not terrible…just the same! 6/10

13. First Time

As with BS&T, Walk On and Earth, Wind & Fire, this was produced by Scandi super-producers Stargate. It’s a bit monotonous but has a great middle 8. 5.5/10

18. 18

I’m not exactly sure what this hidden track is called but I’d take a guess at ’18’. It’s about turning 18 and the traumas of growing up. It’s a lovely ballad with a great rap-ish bit that sounds just like “Pac’s Changes. Beautifully cheesy, which is just how I like them. 9/10

My top 5 tracks from You Stood Up at this very moment:

1. Hip To Hip

2. You Stood Up

3. Chills In The Evening

4. Fools

5. Angel


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