Dirrrty Pop Meets… The Saturdays!

As the new girl band on the block, how do you plan to steal the crowns of Girls Aloud and the Sugababes?
We are not trying to steal anyone’s crown. We just want to be as successful as those great girl bands. We really respect them. Being on tour with GA is an inspiration to us.

My readers and I were big fans of S Club 8 back in the day, so I’d like to know what the rest of the members are up to these days?
Jay has a fashion internship in Milan, Calvin is acting and recording in LA, Aaron is touring with Flash Dance, Hannah is training to be a hairdresser, Daisy is in a girl band called From Above and Stacey is recording solo club music.

I heard that Daisy from SC8 is also in a girlgroup – will there be a big rivalry between you?
Yes!!!!!!!!!! (All punch the air) 😉

Now that TV shows such as CD:UK and Popworld, and magazines like Smash Hits no longer exist, it must be difficult to promote a new pop act. How are you going to overcome this difficulty?
Things are always changing and we have moved on with the times. Live performance is still huge and we are very in touch with our fans online with our forum, You Tube, My Space and www.thesaturdays.co.uk.

Girlbands are known for their in-fighting, but you all seem very friendly in your blog entries, so I want to know who is the Saturday most likely to go off in a huff, and who is the band peace-maker?
Our manager!!! And we all look after each other.

Have you got nicknames within the band, like the Spice Girls had?
We’ve got these nick names within the band: Mollie – Kodak, Rochelle – Shopaholic. Vanessa – The rebel. Una – The Night Owl. Frankie – The Flirt.

Is Una the mum of the band, being the oldest by 6 years?
Rochelle is the Mum and she looks after everyone.

If you become huge stars like Girls Aloud, which male celebrities would you most like to date?
Frankie – Mark Ronson. Rochelle – Chris Brown. Vanessa – Wentworth Miller. Una – the Aberchrombie and Fitch model Eoin Macken. Mollie – Paulo Nutini.


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