Denmark has The X Factor (part 6)

Time for an X Factor update! This week was the final 4, Jesper, Thomas, Fireflies and Tine, with each act doing one song by the Danish rock band Gasolin’ and one chosen by the viewers (they voted online for which song the acts sang). Jesper was great as usual on his performance of Speed of Sound, which emphasised what I find interesting about him – he’s the only teenage boy contestant on any audition show I’ve seen who sings the kind of music his age-group listen to. He’s done Muse, Owl City and even Coldplay is more age-appropriate than the same old Elton John and dire swing songs that young male X Factor contestants are always made to sing. It’s really refreshing!


I thought their vocals were at their strongest yet, but the arrangement of the song didn’t really give them chance to show off what they could do as it ended quite suddenly without any real climax to it. At first my main reason to support The Fireflies was because they were the only one of jolly judge Soulshack’s acts left in. However, they improved as the show went on and as they remind me of the brilliant Norwegian group Lilyjets, I’m excited to hear any music they release in the future.

Next week it’s down to Tine, Thomas and Jesper, and Thomas is a good bet for the winner as he’s never been in the bottom two. However, I do think Jesper stands a good chance as he’s a great performer for his age and will appeal to teenagers as well as adults. And you never know, Tine could be the underdog and beat them both, since she’s the only girl left now and the boys, both with indie leanings, may share some of the same voters. It’ll be very interesting to see what happens next week!


  1. I liked the Fireflies a lot and find Thomas to be very dull. Jesper all the way!! And what was with Tine’s weird Black Velvet outfit?

  2. Thomas really is the safe winner though I like him. I’d be thrilled if Jesper won but i’m in the fortunate position of liking all the remaining acts to a certain extent.

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