Denmark has The X Factor! (part 4)

Tonight was X Factor again in Denmark, so I thought I’d check up on my new Danish chums. Jesper’s Fireflies already seems to be the most popular on YouTube, and I was very impressed with it too. Considering his age, his English is very good – you couldn’t tell he was singing in his second language. The fact that the song is current and youthful meant it was a great choice for such a young contestant, and watching him perform it you could easily imagine that it was his own single. Maybe now there is a little more chance he’ll release a single I like if he wins!


It wasn’t such a good week for Tine, who messed up the words to Sex on Fire and was in the bottom two, and Daniel who unfortunately was voted out, despite putting on a good performance and looking lovely as ever. I’ll certainly miss him in future weeks, as he was the only cute boy on the series this year. As for the others, Thomas performed Mad World, bizarrely sounding like he was miming to Gary Jules as their voices are so alike, and Anna sang American Boy in a dress which suggested she was pregnant with quintuplets. Now Daniel is out, I’ll have to re-evaluate my favourites. This week I liked Jesper and The Fireflies the best, but Tine has a good track record so I’m hoping she’ll stay in a little longer. Final five next week but unfortunately the theme is Big Band so I won’t be anticipating it eagerly!

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