Denmark has The X Factor! (part 3)

So, it’s onto the girls… all two of them! First up is Tine, a pretty girl who seems to be going for the rock chick niche. She’s not the most convincing rocker but she seems very likeable, and her performance of the very tricky Earth Song on Michael Jackson week was impressive. It could have gone extremely wrong, but I thought she pulled it off admirably. She also did a great Sweet Child O’ Mine, which suited her voice really well.


Overall, I’m not half as impressed with this year’s contestants as last year’s, but I will continue keeping tabs on it to see how everyone fares as it seems that several of them are improving week by week and could grow into more interesting artists. I’d like Daniel, Tine or The Fireflies to win, but it seems like Thomas or Jesper would be a safer bet for the final two. I don’t mind either of them but I can’t imagine them releasing any singles I’d enjoy. I do think Daniel will stick around for a while, and he’s been quite consistent so far so he could overtake the rocker boys when the appeal of being ‘authentic’ wears off. Hopefully Tine will be up there too, as she’d definitely put on a good performance in the final and she’s the only female act who I think really stands a chance of winning. I’ll keep you updated!

Coming up this weekend: The theme is UK No.1s and I’m interested to see Jesper’s take on Fireflies by Owl City, which could be tricky as he presumably won’t have the use of a vocoder! Read about the other song choices here. There will also be a performance from our very own Cheryl Cole, which may even get Danish X Factor in the UK papers since everything she does is top news at the moment. I doubt the Danes will be too bothered whether she’s wearing a wedding ring or not, so it’ll probably be a breath of fresh air for Cheryl. I wonder if she’ll bother to sing live? I think it’s unlikely but a foreign TV show would be a good chance to get some practice in…


  1. how odd but brilliant that they are doing UK number ones. I could do without Cheryl to be honest, but it should be a really interesting week!

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