Future Stars: Dean Lewis (Island Records Australia)

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I’m showing my geeky side here, but I love watching the trajectory of an unexpected international hit as it gradually takes off around the world on the Spotify charts. Dean Lewis is an Australian singer who is currently enjoying a no.1 single at home with Be Alright, the lead single from his forthcoming debut album. At its core it’s a twee, mum-friendly ballad, but a sprinkle of swearing and a moody video were enough to convince Triple J (the Aussie indie station) and KIIS (their answer to Capital) to get on board. There is no better recipe for success than dressing up something cheesy as something cool, and that’s why I think this song will be a UK crossover hit. So far it’s made the top 40 in New Zealand, Belgium and Ireland, reached the global top 50 on Spotify, and is edging up the UK singles chart – currently at 68. Although Be Alright is Dean’s first song to chart internationally, you may have heard his 2016 single Waves, which has featured on the soundtracks of several US TV shows, including Riverdale and Suits.

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