Dangerous and Movie

It feels like forever that we’ve been waiting for the potentially brilliant (and sure to be simultaneously terrible) t.A.T.u film to be released, and at last there is a trailer, here. And yep, it looks every bit as fantastically ridiculous as expected – Mischa Barton seems to be playing a Russian, for starters, and her accent is hilarious! The fact that they didn’t give her the American role just seems typical of t.A.T.u – the less sense, the better. I’ve discovered one song from the soundtrack which is not actually by t.A.T.u but by a Swedish singer called Ida, and written by Ryan Tedder of all people. You can hear it on her MySpace here. She seems quite ace, and definitely one to watch in terms of future poptasticness. The song she has done for the soundtrack is supposed to be sung by Mischa Barton, and the idea of, if Mischa were to ever release a single, it sounding at all like this, is quite hilarious in itself. I can’t wait to see this film, so I really hope it gets released in the UK, and isn’t just another case of the fabled Vanilla Ninja ice creams.

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