Future Stars: Courtney Barnett (Marathon Artists)

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It's safe to say Australia is enjoying a musical golden era at the moment. This is the third week running I've featured an Aussie act in Future Pop, and nowadays I'm as likely to check the Australian charts and radio playlists for new music discoveries as those of Sweden or the US. This week's new star from down under is Courtney Barnett. Not to be confused with British rapper Courtney Bennett, Courtney Barnett is a cool and quirky singer-songwriter, whose music should appeal to fans of Liz Phair or The Moldy Peaches. The sound is '90s meets '60s, with witty lyrics and a deadpan delivery, to which her undisguised Australian accent adds an extra level of humour and individuality. Her most popular singles, History Eraser and Avant Gardener, have fun videos which remind me of great Aussie indie films like Eagle Vs. Shark. Her website features glowing quotes from The Guardian, Rolling Stone and NME, and she performed three times at Glastonbury this weekend.


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