Coming Soon: The Next Big Thing: an A-Z of 2011

Considering I like to think that one of my blog’s main purposes is to let you know about the superstars of tomorrow, it doesn’t bode too well that my predictions for who’d be big in 2010 were somewhat less than accurate. Yes, I was right about Ke$ha and Iyaz doing well and I Blame Coco flopping, but I also thought that Erik Hassle, Daisy Dares You and Fabio Lendrum would be massive. With Erik and Fabio, they really should have been, but I think we can all agree that they were not. Still, it’s a new year and a new chance to prove my pop-predicting credentials. Fingers crossed I’ll do a little better this time around. Come back tomorrow for part 1 of my A-Z of 2011!

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