Future Stars: Christine and the Queens (Because Music/Neon Gold)

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I first heard of Christine and the Queens via Lorde, who tweeted about her in 2014, and they were recently spotted hanging out together. The connection makes sense as her music is unique and exciting in the same way Royals was on first listen, but it’s not too weird to achieve mainstream success. Like Marina and the Diamonds or Florence and the Machine, Christine and the Queens is actually a solo artist. Her name is Héloïse Letissier (not Christine) and “the Queens” refers to the drag queens she used to perform with when she lived in London. For such an unusual artist, her official videos have impressive YouTube viewcounts. In three months nearly 5 million people have watched the brilliantly choreographed video for the eponymous new single Christine. While Christine is all in French, previous singles such as Saint Claude and The Loving Cup are in English, or a mix of the two languages, and show she’s just as good when you understand the words.



  1. Well, she is very popular in France, so that’s why her videos have a lot of views. You can’t listen to the radio for 10min without having to listen to one of her hits and her album has been certified gold. (Not complaining tbh)

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