Future Stars: Carson Lueders (Unsigned)

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Every time I try to use Snapchat I feel ancient, but luckily there’s a new app the kids are loving which I totally get the appeal of. I won’t be posting any singing or dancing videos on Musical.ly myself any time soon, but I love watching the creative kids who are becoming huge stars there. If anyone could be the Justin Bieber or Shawn Mendes of Musical.ly, I’d put my money on American 14-year-old Carson Lueders. He dominates the #MuserVoice tag, where you’ll find the app’s most popular singers. Originally a YouTube star, Carson has over 2.5 million Musical.ly fans, and over 60 million views on YouTube. He’s managed by Johnny Wright, who’s worked with *N Sync, Britney, and now Justin Timberlake. Carson’s latest self-released single POP is a throwback to those acts’ heydays. It’s fun, but it’s not relevant to today’s teen audience and doesn’t represent his genuine talent. He grew his massive Musical.ly following by singing with a guitar or piano, and this intimate connection needs to be recreated in his singles and music videos in order for him to reach his full potential.


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