Calling All Swedes!

Get your mobiles out, we’re relying on you to make sure The Ark win their heat of Melodifestivalen tonight. You can hear their song, which is fabulously ABBA-esque but retains the band’s super-cool and individual style, by clicking here and you should return to the same site at 7pm tonight (UK time) to watch the show itself. What else are you gonna watch, Dancing On Ice? This will be a million times more entertaining, even in Swedish! And if The Ark doesn’t take your fancy, I recommend a vote for the extremely adorable little Jimmy Jansson, who’s like a Swedish one-man-McFly with songs always bursting with energy.

Edit: Oh no, too many good songs in one week! Regina Lund’s song is ace pop Alcazar would be proud of (and look at her costume!), Marie Lindberg’s is pretty and a bit Venke Knutson, Cosmo4 is cute and really catchy (and I usually hate them!) and Jessica Andersson’s song is a bit dated but nicely cheesy disco-pop. Only Lustans and Svante & Anne-Lie are boring (so they’ll probably win).

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