Song of the Week: Brooke Candy ft. Sia – Living Out Loud

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When I saw Brooke Candy live in 2013, she was obnoxious and provocative. The music wasn’t great, but she certainly had personality and stage presence. Four years on and I’d long since moved on, so was surprised to hear she is still signed and her new single Living Out Loud is a collaboration with Sia. If you hadn’t heard of Brooke before, you wouldn’t guess from this track that she was a rapper. Instead, her contributions sound (quite topically, today) like early Lady Gaga, or the brilliant Art Angels album by Grimes. Sia dominates the song, and the chorus is one of her catchiest – after just two listens it was in my head all weekend. I assume this is meant to be Brooke’s pop crossover moment, but ironically I think she may have gone too pop to actually have a hit with this track. Luckily, nothing’s too pop for me.

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  1. Don’t tell me you’ve stopped doing your monthly lists! Of course I love most of your posts, but it’s the main thing why I come here. They’re a great pop summary for people who can’t keep up with pop daily. (YOU HAVE GREAT TASTE)

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