Unsigned Month: And your favourite UK unsigned pop act is…

October was This Must Be Pop’s Unsigned Month, ending in a poll to find out who, out of the 20 featured acts, you think is the best unsigned pop act in the UK. The votes have been flooding in but the poll is now closed and it’s time to announce the winner!

In fifth place, with 6.7% of the votes was glam electro-pop star Queen of Hearts.

Coming in fourth, with 7.2% of the votes was the cute, cool and talented Cinnamon Girl.

Voted in third place, with 10.9% of the votes was the girlband on a comeback mission, Parade.

In second place, with 19.2% of the votes was stylish singer-songwriter Chelcee Grimes.

And the winner, with an impressive 41.5% of the votes, was BLUEBELL!!!

The indie-pop duo have fought off some very tough competition to be named the best UK unsigned pop act, according to This Must Be Pop readers. I’m a big fan so I’m pleased with the result. If I could afford it, I’d send them a trophy, but for now they’ll just have to make do with gloating! Congratulations Annabel and Charlie!

If you’re not familiar with Bluebell yet, check out their Cinderella video below and find out more about them here.


And if you’re sad that Unsigned Month is over, don’t worry – my weekly new music mailer Future Pop will be back next Monday with a selection of new artists and songs that you need to know about! Click here to sign up.


  1. Thanks for running this fun feature! I’ve been playing Cinnamon Girl’s & Chvrches’ songs all month since discovering them.

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