Be careful what you wish for…


OK, now that’s out of the way, I can inform you that I have just watched the results and now I feel mildly sick. I was so pleased when Kris and Adam were picked as the final 2, because I love them both and it meant evil Danny Gokey wasn’t going to win. However, as the final approached, I thought about it more and realised that although Kris has been my favourite throughout the competition, Adam needed to win. His superior talent was so clear during the series and especially in their duet of We are the Champions last night… just before Kris was crowned the winner.

It’s such a confusing outcome for me, because in the order of my favourite AI contestants of all time, Kris would be second only to David Archuleta, and considering that David didn’t win, I should be ecstatic that Kris did. And I am really excited that he is going to be making an album because recently Idol winners have been working with some great writers (Ryan Tedder for Jordin, Espen Lind for David Cook) so he’ll probably come out with something great. However, I know from past series where the most talented person didn’t win, that the winner is subject to a lot of anger. Even Kris himself said, when he won, that Adam deserved it, and I’m a little worried that the guilt he will feel will make the next few months quite difficult for him.

Part of me wants to say that America is stupid for voting for Kris over Adam, but it seems a bit hypocritical coming from me, a Kris super-fan. Then again, I wouldn’t have voted for Kris even if I had had the possibility, because I know it isn’t for the best. I really hope it can work out that both he and Adam can be equally huge stars, but I’ve seen what happened to Leon Jackson when he won undeservedly, and yes Kris is much more talented than Leon, but there are many similarities – both were voted for because they were considered sweet, both were ‘the underdog’, neither suited the winner’s single.

It is only out of love for Kris that I say he should not have won American Idol. Now I’m in a very confusing place – excited for his future, and hopeful that he and Adam can both be big stars making great pop songs, but at the same time really worried that one of the loveliest talent show contestants ever is going to end up being one of the most hated. Perhaps we should just look at a pretty picture and pretend he won America’s Next Top Male Model instead.

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