Song of the Week: B.o.B. ft. Priscilla – John Doe

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I’ve started putting together my list of the most poptastic songs of the year, and there was one in particular which I found difficult to rank. Priscilla Renea is one of my favourite songwriters, and has also released some great songs as an artist such as 2009’s Dollhouse. I love her contribution to B.o.B.’s single John Doe and think it could make a brilliant solo song if she recorded it without the totally forgettable rap. Unfortunately the single wasn’t a hit for B.o.B., so a solo version is unlikely to appear, meaning I won’t be able to write about John Doe in my top 25. Therefore, I’m going to make you all listen to it now! Ignoring the rap, it’s a powerful pop ballad with several strong hooks and not even a hint of subtlety, complimented by Priscilla’s Rihanna-esque vocals. Since I rediscovered this song last week I haven’t been able to get the “oh-oh-oh” refrain out of my head.


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