Another great week on Melodifestivalen

Måns Zelmerlöw:
Ace dance-pop with a good chorus and cute singer – this could do very very well in Eurovision.

A duo of young girls with a cute pop-rock sound. They’re no Shebang but not bad at all.

Magnus Carlsson:
Sounds just like Bosson! AMAZING! May have to stop hating Magnus now (I’m an Andreas fan generally).

Eastern sound but sung in Swedish. Boring.

The Attic ft. Therese:
I love both acts so was excited for this. It’s good but too dancy for Eurovision – disappointing.

Better than his usual, sure to do well. Sounds a bit like Andreas Johnson. Could be top 10 in Eurovision but not a winner.

Sonja Aldén:
Swedish ballad, very slow and dull. Kind of Celine Dion-ish. More like a Monaco entry than a Swedish one.

Back to claim the victory she deserved over Martin Stenmarck? I don’t know if this will do the job, it’s not her best.

I can’t see Sebastian, Magnus and Nanne not going through so it’ll be a big race for the other place through to the final/andra chansen. My favourites by far are Måns and Magnus, so I hope Måns will be the fouth to go through.

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